Infant Adoption

A program providing for the placement of healthy infants with loving couples who have completed the adoptive assessment program. Funding is derived from placement fees.

Adoptive couples must reside in Erie County, and must have sought medical consultation regarding infertility. Applicants are drawn from the Infant Adoption Waiting List that was closed to new applicants in March of 1991. If the couple’s status remains the same as when they applied, i.e., still living in Erie County and still childless, they can be assessed for infant placement.

The primary constraints of this program are the few infants available for adoption.

The Infant Program also encompasses Search and Private Placement Homestudies. Both services are available for a client fee. The Orphan’s Court approves applicants for Search, and other post-placement services are provided upon request of the local Office of Children & Youth or adoptees who were originally adopted through the agency.