Fee & Appointment Policy

What is meant by my ability to pay?

Family Services charges a fee for its services. However, with the help of the United Way, the agency is able to lessen the burden of the charge for our clients. Family Services assesses your ability to pay over a period of time, based on your income, number of dependents and any special circumstances.

How does it work if I have insurance coverage for counseling?

Your insurance is part of your resources. If you have this coverage, you must use it; however, the agency will assist you in this process.

What do I have to do to help the agency with receiving insurance payments?

  • Contact your insurance provider to determine available benefits.
  • Provide Family Services with your insurance information.
  • Sign a consignment form so that payment comes to the agency.

If payment comes to you directly, it must be signed over to the agency.

Will the agency bill me for counseling services?

We prefer that you pay for services as they are received; however, the agency may allow you to carry a small balance due without charging you interest or a penalty. Your balance due may not exceed the fee for two sessions.


In order to provide service to the community in an efficient manner, Family Services has adopted the following appointment policy:

Clients unable to keep an appointment must call the receptionist at least twenty-four hours in advance. A fee may be charged if a client fails to cancel in this way.

If a client’s attendance is inconsistent or sporadic due to frequent cancellations, the agency reserves the right to review the treatment plan for possible discharge from the program.

If a client fails an initial appointment, they will be placed on the waiting list and rescheduled for the next available time. If a second initial appointment is missed, the client will be asked to make a deposit toward the charge for the third appointment prior to scheduling the appointment.

Clients coming late for their appointment will be seen for the remainder of the counseling unit.

No additional time beyond the regular time will be granted.