Children Cope With Divorce

Children Cope With Divorce is the nationally acclaimed program of Families First of Atlanta, Georgia.

This Parent Seminar is designed to help minimize the negative impact of divorce on children at a time when parents are naturally preoccupied with their own adjustments. Recognizing that their joint roles as parents will continue to exist, the seminar helps parents begin to restructure their relationship and make appropriate plans for their children. Topics include:

  • Developmental stages and needs of children and how these relate to their ability to understand and cope.
  • Behaviors children may exhibit, and how to deal with these behaviors.
  • Symptoms in children’s behaviors that reflect difficulty in adjustment.
  • Community resources.
  • Explaining responses that both help and hurt children.

Attendance is required of both parties in divorce within 60 days. Change of custody and visitation actions require attendance within 45 days of service upon the defendant.

Waiver of fees is available for those individuals who are eligible for benefits under Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance Program.

After attending the four-hour seminar, participants will receive a certificate and their attendance will be confirmed with the Court.

Contact Family Services’ Intake Department for more information.