The Family Support Center

The Family Support Center is a cooperative effort between the Office of Children & Youth, Family Services, and the Achievement Center. A wide range of services are provided to strengthen families who have at least one child in Office of Children & Youth sponsored daycare centers. These daycare centers include Martin Luther King Day Care Center and St. Martin Day Care Site II.

Family Services provides Family Preservation assessments to all families entering into daycare centers. This service assists families in accessing any community support services that may be necessary and available. The workers also provide Cross Systems Supportive Counseling Services. This is an ongoing counseling service for parents identified as experiencing mental health or mental retardation symptoms to decrease the impact those symptoms have upon the care of the child.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for these services, the family must be active with the Office of Children & Youth, have at least one child involved with one of the daycare centers, and live in the city of Erie. Referrals are made by the family’s Office of Children & Youth caseworker. To be eligible for Cross Systems Supportive Counseling services, a parent must be identified by their caseworker as experiencing some type of symptom associated with mental illness or mental retardation that adversely impacts the parent’s ability to care for the child.