Family Preservation Services

Family Preservation Services is an intensive, in-home, psychoeducational and crisis intervention service provided to strengthen the families of children at imminent risk of placement through the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. This program develops the abilities of families so that their children can safely remain at home. This program is funded through a contractual agreement with the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. Family Preservation Services can provide each family up to five days per week, two hours per day therapeutic service designed to build on existing family strengths. By providing this service, the child’s needs are met in the home, thereby eliminating the need for placement.

All participants in this voluntary program are active clients of the Office of Children and Youth. The target population consists of children and their families who have been identified as potentially requiring out-of-home placement due to abuse or neglect (neglect may include truancy). The children are ages 0 to 18.

Eligibility Criteria

To receive services, a family must have a child on the active caseload of the Office of Children and Youth in Erie County, the child must be at imminent risk of placement, and the family must agree to the service. The identified client is a child age 0 to 18, and currently receiving services from the Office of Children and Youth. Historically we service a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.